The virtues of heritage



Situated near the medieval, picturesque little village of Luogosanto, Siddùra can be.... described as the heart of the Gallura. Here the noble culture of wine is as old as the history of the people who have inhabited this land over the centuries. To renew this antique tradition gives a historical dimension to our lives and daily toils. It fulfills our dream of creating something unique and extraordinary of these ancient roots. We are grateful for being so lucky.




In pursuit of excellence



Siddùra was born from a visceral strive for quality, perfection and harmony. From the outset the mission was... to produce outstanding wines. We regard our products as a true gift of Nature: grown with the love of the earth, nurtured by the warm Mediterranean sun and produced with a commitment to uncompromising quality. The results of this philosophy, followed with passion and dedication, can be seen but are even more evident in the glass.

Taste our Wine


The people behind the wine



In order to fulfill our ambitious goals, we need “Artists” who are able to share our dreams and visions.... We are proud of the loyal and committed collaboration of all the people who dedicate their hearts, minds and souls to our project, accomplishing new masterpieces time and again.