A wine producer in Sardinia

From a passion for wine, to the search for excellence

Azienda vitivinicola in Sardegna - Siddùra
Azienda vitivinicola in Sardegna - Siddùra

The virtues of heritage

Siddùra is more than a place; it is a story of love for wine that began centuries ago.
Our advanced wine-making techniques are interwoven with ancient Sardinian tradition, creating an unbreakable bond between the past and the present, and telling a story of knowledge, commitment and taste that is to be savoured for its purity.


Siddùra is the result of devotion to quality, perfection and harmony. We create wines that express the most authentic characteristics of Sardinia, a tribute to nature itself, cultivated with a passion for the land and with our artful techniques. The hot Mediterranean sun, the winds and the unique characteristics of this area enhance our efforts, lending unexpected notes to every glass of Siddùra that have been celebrated and awarded the world over.


Siddùra has been sustainable since the very beginning. From the moment it was founded, the vineyard has invested in preserving the land and its unique characteristics, cultivating native varieties of vine that are the result of centuries of tradition. Siddùra’s drive for sustainability can also be seen in its commitment to contributing to the well-being of those who have made this corner of Sardinia their home. By using the most modern and innovative technology to optimise every stage of the production process, thus reducing environmental impact, we remain true to our naturally sustainable philosophy.

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In search of excellence.


The people behind the wines

Siddùra is the result of a dream that has become reality through the efforts of the professionals who dedicate themselves day after day to this ambitious project.

We are proud to be able to count on the loyal and attentive support of a team that puts their hearts, their heads and their souls into transforming the harvesting of the vines into a masterpiece.


Where the magic is made

The vineyard, located in the centre of the estate, has been built completely underground in order to take advantage of the natural insulation provided by the soil.

Here the entire production process takes place, from the grape to the bottle, favouring spontaneous fermentation and using the widest possible range of containers: from tanks to casks.

Our task is to use the utmost intelligence, experience and professionalism to respect and exalt the quality of the produce that is gifted to us, year after year, by nature.