Vigneti e vitigni in Sardegna - Siddùra

Vines and varieties of Sardinia

Wine is nothing more than the light of the sun blended with the humidity of the vine.

Azienda vitivinicola in Sardegna Siddùra
Azienda vitivinicola in Sardegna Siddùra

The joy of the terroir

The soil of the Siddùra vineyards is a mix of granite, sand and clay. It is a loose and often dry soil which is ideal for viticulture.

In these conditions, the vine, a plant used to suffering “hunger and thirst”, creates the best products.

The positive variations in temperature, the windy climate and the excellent exposure to sun of the gentle hills do the rest, preserving and exalting the organoleptic characteristics of the vines.
The result is a range of wines that are a perfect expression of the terroir in which they were born.

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The terroir

The unique microclimate of the valley of Siddùra, combined with a terroir that is perfect for the growing of grapes, creates wines of certified quality.

Spurred cordon, Guyot and goblet. The various forms of cultivation, combined with care for the vineyards and the low levels of production for each plant, result in wines that are extremely balanced, harmonious and elegant.

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The roots of Siddùra

Siddùra - Sardegna in purezza
Vigneti e vitigni in Sardegna - Siddùra


Gallura is the name of the north-eastern area of Sardinia. The territory of Gallura is also home to the famous Costa Smeralda, which lies along the eastern coast, in the Municipality of Arzachena.

The coastline is characterised by natural and bizarrely sculpted granite, while the inland area is dominated by oak and cork forests, on which one of the main manufacturing activities of the area is based.

This is the birthplace of one of Sardinia’s most well-known and appreciated wines, Vermentino di Gallura.


Luogosanto is a picturesque Medieval village with a population of approximately 2000, situated in the most ancient part of Gallura.
Sitting at approximately 320 metres above sea level, at the feet of the Monti Ghjuanni mountains, not far from Arzachena, Santa Teresa and Palau, it is considered to be the heart of Gallura.

Those with the courage to climb the mountain are rewarded with a breathtaking view of Gallura and the vineyards of Siddùra.

Vigneti e vitigni in Sardegna - Siddùra
Siddùra - Sardegna in purezza